This full service option offers everything in our personal beauty styling service, but with this session we will go into a bit more depth about the proper use of your tools and brushes, ideal lighting, proper product usage, and kit organization. Most importantly, we will show you how to maximize your tools and products to be the most efficient at providing the best every day makeup results. 

We will photograph your session-step by step. After we meet, we will edit your images and send them to you within a week of your session. Your photos will be sent in order with detailed steps that you can easily follow by printing them, or you can simply flip through them on your phone or tablet for easy reference. 

This session includes:

 - A 'Makeup Bag Makeover'. This is a "keep or toss" session of the items you already have in your everyday makeup collection and routine, helping you decide which items will lighten your load, and which ones are keepers in your kit. We can help you make sense of the items you already have in your routine or collection, and recommend a few that will enhance it.
 - A step by step lesson on the desired look you are going for that will incorporate some of your products along with our suggestions. We will guide you with the correct steps in an easy to follow lesson on how to create a look or routine tailored to your needs, with the best choices for products and tools.

 - Discover how to take your day look to a more dramatic look by incorporating just a couple of very simple steps and pro techniques. Learn all about the correct usage of mirrors, lighting and space for maximum results.


Come and spend a little one on one time with us in our beautiful studio. We'll talk about your beauty routine, and how we can help you update, or improve it. Choose a focus, whether it be how to create a quick 10 minute look for every day, or a more feature focused look for a special event. We will demonstrate it for you, and give you all the tips and tricks you need to start creating at home. 



+ group lessons : $100 per person, redeemable in product / 2-3 hours

We love to do group classes for women who want to learn the best beauty basics, or simply want to freshen up their routine by learning a few professional tips and tricks to update their look. 

We can come to your location, or ya'll can come to our studio, and we'll bring our full professional makeup kit, chair, lighting-and some of our absolute favorite must-have tools and products to demonstrate that you can purchase if you love them as much as we do! 

Groups classes are fun, and interactive! We like to choose “models” in each class to demonstrate each step on, so everyone gets a little one on one love!